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The UFM x CAPCA Investor Challenge is a comprehensive, 9-week program for:

  • New and experienced investors who want to directly support in companies.

  • Founders looking for mission-aligned, impact capital to support their growth.

Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), CAPCA and Spring Activator facilitate a cohort of impact ventures and cohort of impact-curious investors, in navigating the fundraising process. This is done through a combination of weekly sessions, pitch events and networking opportunities.

At the end of the program, the investor cohort collectively awards USD $30,000* in investments to their top chosen company from the ventures cohort.

*The final investment amount varies depending on the cohort of  investors.

Investors, start here!

Want to start connecting your capital directly to entrepreneurial solutions you care about?

Learn the ins-and-outs of impact investing and support upcoming ventures gain funding for their impact venture, regardless of your experience

Founders, start here!

Are you looking to raise capital for your venture? 

Learn the ins-and-outs of the process while connecting with the like-minded impact entrepreneurs and investors actively seeking to invest in impact-driven startups.


The UFM x CAPCA Investor Challenge is designed to increase the flow of capital investment into impact ventures. The Challenge, strives to achieve the following core outcomes for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Guatemala.

Teach investors of all experience levels the basics of early-stage investing in impact-driven ventures.

Increase the availability of early-stage capital for impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Create opportunities for aspiring impact investors to invest in impact.

Foster strong relationships between like-minded investors and entrepreneurs

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About the Partners

Spring Activator

Spring Activator is a Canada-based global incubator, accelerator, and advisory firm that helps impact entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem-builders drive regenerative development and build thriving communities.

Universidad Francisco Marroquín-KEC

Leading university and entrepreneurship center with national and international professors experienced in investment, running academic programs, projects and entrepreneurial and research initiatives.


CAPCA is a Guatemala-based organization that brings together agents of the entrepreneurial capital ecosystem. Our goal is to amplify the supply of capital for entrepreneurs in Central America and the Caribbean.

What will you gain from the Challenge?

These are the outcomes we create for impact entrepreneurs and investors

Investors, your will:

✓ Kick-start your launch into impactful investing

✓ Begin to hone in on who you are as an investor

✓ Join a supportive, like-minded investment community to share knowledae

✓ Start connecting your capital to entrepreneurial solutions

Founders, you will:

✓ Kick-start your launch into fundraising, with a chance to win an investment

✓ Deepen and clarify your understanding of what investors are looking for

✓ Polish up your pitch and other assets to be presented to potentia investors

✓ Join a supportive, like-minded community and connect with potential investors

Program Partners

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