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The UFM x CAPCA Investor Challenge provides you with the resources and support you need to start connecting your capital directly to entrepreneurial solutions connected to your purpose – regardless of your investment experience.

We look to drive amplifying outcomes for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Guatemala by increasing the availability of early-stage capital for impact-driven entrepreneurs. By providing funding to small and medium-sized businesses, investors can help to fuel new ideas and technologies that can drive economic development and create new opportunities for growth.

Learn more about our current Challenge and take your first step today!

  • Investor Application Deadline:

    September 8, 2023
    Core Program: Oct 4 to Nov 15, 2023

    Pitch FInale & Closing: Nov 22 and Nov 29, 2023

  • You can download a program pack here.

Apply here

What you can expect from the program

Over 9 weeks, UFM and CAPCA facilitate a cohort of impact-curious investors and impact ventures in navigating the investment process. Through the program, and beyond, you can expect to:

Catalyze your launch into  impactful investing

Begin to hone in on who you are as an investor

Join a supportive like-minded investment community to share knowledge

Start connecting your capital to entrepreneurial solutions

We accept investor applications on a rolling basis. Upon submitting your application, our program team will reach out to book a discovery call and support you in understanding how this program may align with your goals.


Who will you learn from?

You will learn from serial entrepreneurs and investors on the UFM and CAPCA teams and industry leaders in our network. Sessions will feature Guatemalan and global experts and professionals in impact, investing, business continuity management, entrepreneurship, and more. Here are a few familiar faces:

Download our program pack to learn more about the program content and learning outcomes:













How it all works

Some of the things you’ll to know before we get started.

How is the program structured?

Over the course of 9 weeks, during 2-hour weekly sessions, you will learn the ‘what, why, and how’ of impact investing while working alongside impact motivated ventures.


A series of venture pitches and investor cohort selections will take place. Once the Top 5 venture finalists are selected, they will then engage in four, 2-hour weekly evening sessions with the investor cohort. The one finalist company will receive a $30k investment.

When can I apply?

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis. Feeling ready to get started? Apply here!

  • Upon applying, you will connect with our team to learn more.

What are the program costs?

Reach out to for information on pricing.

Do you have more questions about program? Are you wanting to dive deeper into the what, why and how of the UFM x CAPCA Investor Challenge? We recommend you download our program pack!

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What will you learn through the program?

You can expect to gain insights, build your network, and secure resources to support your impact investing journey. At the end of the program, participating investors will collectively award $30,000 in investments to a chosen company from the venture cohort.

Plus, if you complete our Investor Challenge as an investor you can become an IMPACT AMPLIFIER and gain access to future investment opportunities via the Challenge. Alumni have priority access to join investments in the winning companies of future UFM x CAPCA Investor Challenges through CAPCA’s SPV.

The foundations of impact investing, investment evaluation, and your investor thesis.

The in-and-outs of deal mechanics, including due n diligence, negotiations and paperwork.

How to evaluate investment opportunities and assess n market opportunity.

Understanding returns, including returns that can be unique to impact companies, and balancing your portfolio.

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