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If you have something that works in Scandinavia and Mexico, suddenly some of the bigger fishes in the investment world will say: "Wow, we can globalize this company". Latin America is an attractive market for European companies. 

Simon Junker, Entrepreneur

Simon Junker-Investment from a founder's perspective

Simon is the Co-founder of Networks Ventures and VP Actimo America. Actimo, a SaaS company and one of the world's leading digital platforms for internal communication and employee engagement. The company was just recently acquired by unicorn Kahoot.


Starting his career in music and television production he has held senior positions in Zodiak Media, Endemol and Sony Music in Europe, Latin America and the US.


In 2011 he founded - one of the first e-commerce companies in Guatemala.


Simon is a professor at the UFM Acton MBA and the Faculty of Economic Sciences UFM.